Monday, May 14, 2012

Remembering....our trip to New York

The purpose for the trip to New York this spring was to visit the Schwartz family.

If you live away from home, then you know a visit home usually has a "must-do" and "must-see" list. This can get daunting and intimidating, because inevitably someone or something is left out and it causes stress for both parties. Thankfully we stayed long enough that we got to see just about everyone on the list and do just about everything on the list. Family time was good time.

We had Wing Night.

We celebrated Passover.

We saw old cousins and met new ones.

We saw Jake's baseball game, where every time anyone made any play on the field, Jack would yell "Good catch Jakey!"

We lounged and slept a bit more than normal.

We spent time in the kitchen.

Jack made charoset with his Mema.

We spent time with Aunt Jennie.

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